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Going the extra mile

Lutheran youth practice outreach

When it comes to mission, ELCA youth know how to "walk the extra mile."

In 2008, Sunday school students at Shepherd of the Valley Lutheran Church, Council Bluffs, Iowa, discussed two old adages — "Walk a mile in someone else's shoes" and "Walking the extra mile." They talked about how Christ followed these adages and what they mean for people today.

Children from St. Luke Lutheran Church,
Children from St. Luke Lutheran Church, Greendale, Wis., present Joe Young (top, right) from the ELCA with a check for $3,500. ELCA World Hunger used the money to dig and install a well to bring clean water to a village in need.

As part of the lesson, the students calculated that it would take 84,480 pennies side-by-side to stretch a mile. To go the extra mile to help others, they started a drive to collect 84,480 pennies. With donations from the congregation, families, friends and community groups, the eight youth collected 85,000 pennies by Sept. 1, 2010. The money was given to the pediatric floors of two area hospitals.

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