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May your church be filled with dancing

Classes provide fellowship, healing and outreach

It started out as a way to meet others in our church who like to dance. My wife, Fran, and I arranged for dance lessons at Our Saviour Lutheran Church, East Bethel, Minn.

We found an evening when space was available and secured an instructor, Monica Mohn, a three-time USA Dance national champion and daughter of a Lutheran pastor. Nineteen members came for six two-hour lessons, learning the basics of the single step swing, triple step swing and nightclub two step.

Monica Mohn, a dance instructor (left),
Monica Mohn, a dance instructor (left), helps Fran and Jack Munday get into proper position during dance classes at Our Saviour Lutheran Church, East Bethel, Minn.

Brian Fragodt, one of our pastors, had fun announcing the classes at worship, pretending to be shocked about dancing in church. But a precedent had been set. Our Saviour hosts a prom attended by more than 90 ninth- through 12th-graders from the community, including six with no church connection.

But this time, the dancers were older.

Our classes were held in the narthex, causing others who were meeting at church to break into smiles. At times our laughter almost drowned out our instructor.

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