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Come, let's eat

Set your welcome table as a spiritual discipline

We Christians have spent hundreds of years arguing about the sacrament of communion. Pitched battles have been fought over whether or not the bread and wine are mere symbols or if something happens to them during the process of the ritual. At times we've lost sight of the fact that Christ sat at an actual table — having a literal meal.

Take a seat

getty imagesIn the past few decades, many of us have stopped eating at tables. We eat in our cars so frequently they've been redesigned to hold our cups, takeout cartons and bags. Many people can't cook even the simplest food. We don't have people over to our houses to eat because we tell ourselves that we don't have time to clean and prep. But many of us also don't have people over because then we'd have to provide a meal — an actual, literal meal.

We think we don't want people to see the way we really live, but God wants to know us in just that intimate way. God came to us in the form of Jesus in part to show us the best way to live human lives. Now, as we find ourselves living these lives at an increasingly hectic pace, we can follow Jesus' example and come back to the dinner table.

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