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ELCA sends more funds for Haiti

Continuing to respond after Haiti's January 2010 earthquake, the ELCA released $525,000 in November to help the Lutheran World Federation contain a cholera outbreak.

The ELCA also sent $50,000 for emergency aid directly related to Hurricane Tomas, which struck the country in November, exacerbating health and food security issues.

According to a Dec. 18 CNN report, fears of cholera contamination were preventing many from harvesting and buying much needed rice crops.

"In Port-au-Prince, 1.4 million people still reside in camps, and within the camps, hygiene, sanitation and clean water are scarce," said Megan Bradfield, associate director, ELCA International Development and Disaster Response.

The LWF is distributing hygiene supplies to people in camps and schools, training workers to help control infections and helping to establish emergency treatment centers for cholera victims.

Find updates at the ELCA website.


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