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Proud of ELCA and tired of criticism

Tenor of letters, articles keep readers writing about church, magazine

The Lutheran is, by definition, "the magazine of the ELCA." Why then must I — a subscriber, an ELCA congregant and supporter — endure letters to the editor and criticism from individuals who take issue with the faith I've chosen? While I'm sad that some individuals choose to not support the ELCA by forming a new church body, I remain proud of our denomination and am eager to get on with the business of doing God's work through the inclusive nature of the ELCA, my chosen faith.

Doug Lippert
Carmel, Ind.

Keep it coming

I am a longtime fan of The Lutheran. I would greatly miss the magazine if it changed significantly. I would be willing to double my subscription payment just to save the magazine. Are there others who think like me?

Chris Lear, associate in ministry
Saukville, Wis.

Wangerin spot on

Thank you so much for Walter Wangerin Jr.'s "Jesus. Him." (December 2010). It is one of the best I've read on where the center of our faith lies. The ELCA Constitution makes clear that our focus for navigating the Scriptures is Jesus Christ, nothing else. Wangerin has it right. If anything this increases my love and understanding of Scripture; it does not diminish it.

The Rev. Terry L. Morgan
Dayton, Ohio

Ditto for Marty

Peter W. Marty's "The world of grace" (December 2010) ought to be required reading for every Lutheran. And Daniel J. Lehmann's editorials are truly inspiring, evenhanded and challenging. Together with Wangerin and others, The Lutheran is a treasure-trove of inspiring articles.

John E. Moren
Davis, Calif.

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