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Saying Grace

When our 3-year-old triplet grandchildren — Luke, Grace and Jake — sat down with us for supper, I said, "Well, let's say grace." When we finished, Luke said, "Now, say me." And of course we had to say "Jake" as well. Finally, we were able to eat. We and our food are blessed.

Kris Blunk
Mendota, Ill.

"I've made a New Year's resolution to eat broccoli. If I can't stand it, I'll give it up for Lent."

... even for a nanobite

I have finally figured out the feeding of the 5,000. Each person got a nanobite.

Walter Lauf
Castleton, Vt.

Sounds like ...

As part of confirmation at St. Armands Key Lutheran, Sarasota, Fla., I took the class on a tour of the church buildings and grounds to explain the use and symbolism of each place, including the columbarium with its niches for cremains. One of our confirmands told her parents about this neat place at church for human ashes called "A Call-And-Bury-Them."

Robert Zimmer
Sarasota, Fla.

English + math = overpaid

My sons, Bryan and Nathan, had been working in English class on writing sentences and paragraphs. While we sat at a funeral lunch, one of them asked where my sermons came from. I said I write using Scripture, commentaries and the Spirit. He then asked me how many I'd written. We did the math: 1 a week x 52 + Christmas Eve + Christmas Day + Thanksgiving + funerals + Lent and Holy Week x my years of being a pastor. It was a fairly impressive number. My son responded incredulously, "And you get paid for that?"

Paul Simmons
Ashland, Wis.

"I bet the frankincense and myrrh was a last-minute gift like my dad sometimes gets my mom."


When we sang "Holy, Holy, Holy" at the National Scout Jamboree, spell-check changed "cherubim" to "Cheri bum" on the printout. So that's what was "falling down before thee."

Rob Argot
Bernville, Pa.

And unscheduled

A bulletin announcement for Trinity Lutheran Church, Towanda, Pa., left off the word schedules: "There are still some worship assistants lying on the table in the north rear entry. Please pick them up as you leave today."

Marian Feathers
Towanda, Pa.


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