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Greening of the spirit

Earth-friendly practices can help family stewardship

Caring for the environment and conserving the planet's resources are ethics woven into the daily lives of many families today. It's not unusual to see parents bringing groceries home in reusable shopping bags or kids tossing their graded homework papers into recycle bins rather than trash cans.

In some homes, earth-friendly practices such as these are done almost automatically. But rather than skipping over these habits as routines of the day, parents can frame the "three Rs" of green living — reduce, reuse and recycle — as spiritual practices that help kids appreciate more deeply their roles as stewards of God's creation.

Design Pics / Kristy-Anne Glubish"It helps create a more robust faith when we see that we have a special role in caring for creation," said Jeff Wild, author of Church on Earth: Grounding Your Ministry in a Sense of Place (Augsburg Fortress, 2009) and pastor of Advent Lutheran Church, Madison, Wis. "We begin to see ourselves as being a part of an interdependent network of relationships created by God."

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