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Lent: Build faith

Use these weekly readings for family discussion

Lent is traditionally a time of preparation for those who will be baptized at the Vigil of Easter. So the season's Sunday Gospel readings are a series of stories that help us explore the Christian faith whether we are preparing for baptism or are already baptized. These stories invite us to explore and share how the gospel of Jesus Christ gives us life and hope.

This Lent, help individuals and families take the Sunday Gospel home with them. Provide handouts containing the readings and ideas about bringing the stories to life. For example, suggest they read the Gospel together every day throughout the week. For both children and adults, retelling the story helps us learn it "by heart." Family members might act out the story and talk about what they learned from it. Those who live alone may use the stories (and questions below) for Lenten journaling or during visits with a friend.

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