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Parenting is a bittersweet, humbling experience

So much about the process of parenting is bittersweet. It took me six years into married life to gather the courage to become a parent. I felt unprepared and unqualified. In a span of 20 years I went from thinking I'd never have children to reveling in the joys of being a parent with my husband, John. And just when I started to get the hang of it, it was time to send our oldest daughter off to college. God surely has a sense of humor.

Text and art by Kate Brennan Hall<BThe image I created for this piece is lighthearted, as if all it took was drawing a pair of butterfly wings onto the photo of our oldest daughter, Chelsea, noting growth with a measuring stick and issuing a directive: Time to fly.

But for any adult, launching a child into the adult chapter of their life is a humbling experience. It's about imperfect, grace-filled, ordinary days.

What I learned along the way could be summed up in three "F's": Be firm, fair and fun.

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