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Your typical atheist

The typical member of an atheist association is a highly educated, married white male who grew up with religious parents.

The Freedom from Religion Foundation, which increased from 5,500 members in 2004 to about 16,000 in 2010, said in December that respondents replied to its nonscientific survey by mail or online.

About a third surveyed said "religion doesn't make sense." Seventeen percent cited religious hypocrisy or bigotry; 9 percent reading skeptical authors; and 5 percent reading the Bible. The religious faith they left was Protestant (42 percent), Roman Catholic (30 percent) and Jewish (27 percent).


Kenn Mingus

Kenn Mingus

Posted at 6:36 pm (U.S. Eastern) 6/23/2011

Perhaps a look at "Why God Won't Go Away"  by Alister McGrath will help.

At best (or worst) all atheists are likely agnostics.

Alice Argon

Alice Argon

Posted at 9:40 pm (U.S. Eastern) 6/26/2011

The bottom line is the encounter.

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