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Church council proposals include moving to triennial assemblies

Meeting Nov. 12-14 in Chicago, the Church Council sent to the 2011 Churchwide Assembly a variety of sweeping changes related to the ELCA constitution and a restructuring of the churchwide offices.The assembly meets Aug. 14-20 in Orlando, Fla., and along with other business, will consider the amendments to the ELCA Constitution, Bylaws and Continuing Resolutions.

The restructuring was announced Oct. 11 after a significant drop in 2010 mission support. Although the 2009 assembly approved a churchwide budget based on mission support of $62.5 million, by August 2010 the council was looking at a reduced churchwide staff and structure based on mission support of $45 million.

For the 2011 budget, the council approved a $62.6 million (including $48 million in mission support) initial 2011 current fund spending authorization and a $17 million 2011 ELCA World Hunger spending authorization.

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