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Merry Mary

A role to be reckoned with

First English Lutheran Church, Butler, Pa., has an Advent supper and then a worship service involving various members. When asked to play the role of Mary for the evening, I responded that I'd be pleased to. After all, where else could I eat, drink and be Mary

Linda Mathias
Butler, Pa.

"Smile and pretend we're the family in the Christmas letter I'm sending."

An Italian twist

Tony, a man of Italian heritage, was the lector on the second Sunday in Advent at Bethel Lutheran Church, Boardman, Ohio. When he said, "The first reading is from the third chapter of Malachi," he pronounced it like Kolachi (the pastry). We were humored and hungry.

Paul Burgeson
Boardman, Ohio

No vacancy

I was very tuned in to the Christmas Eve sermon Ginny Bishop, pastor of Mariposa [Calif.] Lutheran Church, preached about how Mary and Joseph must have felt that night so long ago — Mary pregnant and soon to deliver, traveling together and unsure of what the future held. "They must have had reservations," she added. My immediate thought was, no, apparently they didn't.

Carrie Guarino
Yreka, Calif.

"Where are all the Christmas decorations?"

Balloons for the baby

My friend always sends us a perfect Christmas package full of well-chosen, personalized gifts. I try to return her thoughtfulness. Last year I asked my husband to pick up a mailing box at the post office for what I'd wrapped. He returned with a decorative box covered with brightly colored happy birthday balloons. Her gracious response to my apology pointed out that Christmas is, after all, the birthday of Jesus. And besides, she said, "The three wise men would certainly have brought the baby Mylar balloons if they'd had them."

Jennifer Strobel
Fredericksburg, Va.


Huh, a pew...

After our church's Christmas program dress rehearsal, a 3-year-old said he couldn't find his shoes, so I told him to ask his mother. He came to me a second time asking the same question. When we went to his mother, she said, "Will, I told you they are in our pew." I led him to their usual pew and showed him his shoes. With an amazed look on his face, he said, "That's a pew?"

Barbara Soper
Albert Lea, Minn.


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