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Christmas greetings

Range of joys, concerns for 2010

Dear all:

May you have the gift of faith, the blessing of hope and the peace of God's love at Christmas and always.

Yes, this is an early Christmas letter, perhaps your first. Like most such letters, we have a few things to share. This year posed hope and challenge, joy and sorrow for the magazine.

Looking forward, a consultant studied the magazine's publishing options and produced a number of suggestions. The most dramatic is creation of a new magazine for niche groups currently not served by The Lutheran. More groundwork needs to be done, but niche publications could hold the key to keeping print products viable in the ELCA.

The magazine stands at the threshold of its 180th year of operation, when coupled with its predecessor publications. Did the General Synod founders of the Lutheran Observer in 1831 have any idea of the staying power of it and other publications that eventually became The Lutheran?

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