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Immi's Gift

Picture book works its magic

Immi's Gift is a magical picture book designed for children ages 4 to 8. Karin Littlewood is the writer and illustrator of this story set in the frozen white world where it's cold and snowing.

Immi is quite isolated and lonely. One day while ice fishing she pulls up a little wooden bird.

The next day she retrieves a red flower, an orange starfish, a green leaf and more. She decorates her igloo with her treasures.

Soon animal guests are coming to look, to wonder and to tell her stories, making her world a brighter and more colorful place.

Immi's Gift teaches generosity.When the season changes and it's time to move, she decides to pass on a gift of her own — the little white bear around her neck.

When we receive a freebie from the universe, we are beholden to pass that gift on to someone else (Peachtree).


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