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Celebrating Valentine's Day

Congregations go caroling, renew vows & dance

During the dreary winter days surrounding Feb. 14, members of First Lutheran Church, Springfield, Ohio, give light and love to members who are ill, homebound or in nursing homes. This will be their seventh year of Valentine caroling.

"The ill and shut-ins of our congregation get blitzed during the Christmas holidays with carolers and visitors, but in the bleak midwinter days, they are very much alone," said Rebecca Christian, organizer. Children, confirmation students and adults (17 last year), accompanied by guitar, sing such songs as "Jesus Loves Me" and "Love the Lord With All Your Heart." They also give cards and a small gift.

At nursing homes they sing in the hallways, reaching not only church members but other residents and staff, Christian said.

During the dreary winter days surrounding Caroling is scheduled the Sunday closest to Valentine's Day, gathering first at church for pizza and practice, then heading off to the first home.

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