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No middle opinion on October issue

Cover art, texting piece, column and more stir up readers

Surely you jest. With Jack Benny as "cover boy" of the October issue, I knew there would be a surprise inside. Indeed there was. The Rev. Tom Lyberg ("Texting during worship") advocates texting and tweeting during a worship service. If texting is the "language of the people," why even bother coming to church? Perhaps congregations should provide smart phones to members, and soon there will be no need for a sanctuary or Sunday school rooms — God will come to us through a faceless instrument held in our hands. I do wonder how baptism and communion will be handled.

Greta Sandberg
San Diego, Calif.

Jack who?

Lutherans must surely be a dying breed when they feature, on the cover of their denominational magazine, a figure (Jack Benny) who is completely unrecognizable to anyone much younger than 60.

The Rev. Mark D. Johns
Decorah, Iowa

Offensive column

I object to the dismissive note in the editor's column (October, "Just one more Lutheran body"). Those who choose to stand with 2,000 years of Christian understanding and biblical tradition and who, after deep soul searching stand by their bound conscience and do not accept the divisive actions of the latest church assembly, are written off as "Elvis has left the building." I find this attitude elitist, snobbish, arrogant and smug.

Charles Ruby
Sun City West, Ariz.

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