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Fund for Leaders announced

Twenty-two seminary students in October received full-tuition scholarships for 2010-11 via the ELCA Fund for Leaders in Mission.

For the first time the fund awarded more than $1 million in scholarships in a single year, said Paul N. Hanson, director of the ELCA Fund for Leaders in Mission. The fund's value now exceeds $20 million and has awarded more than 700 scholarships over 10 years.

When fully endowed the fund's goal is to provide full-tuition assistance for every ELCA seminary student committed to a future in parish ministry.

Partial-tuition scholarships from the Fund for Leaders were awarded to 16 students, and another 165 won scholarships through synod funds.

Ann M. Svennungsen, Collegeville, Minn., announced that an endowment is being raised for the "Benjamin Larson Memorial Seminary Scholarship." Larson was the senior at Wartburg Seminary, Dubuque, Iowa, who died in the earthquake in Haiti.

Svennungsen said ordained women would be among the first invited to contribute in honor of Larson's mother, April Ulring Larson, the first woman elected a synod bishop in the ELCA.


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