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Use God's creation

Neglect, inaction unacceptable

The environmental movement began with the publication of Silent Spring (Mariner Books, 2002; available from Amazon) by Rachel Carson in the late 1960s. Within this movement there have been many different themes — air and water pollution, endangered species, zero population growth, potential nuclear meltdowns and, most recently, global climate change.

Despite heated debate over the conclusions of environmental science, there is certainly no question about the overarching theme of stewardship for creation. The Gulf of Mexico oil spill has renewed interest in stewardship over creation as we consider how to clean up the environment and make good use of the earth's resources.

Too often man is treated solely as the bad guy, separate from the environment rather than part of it, ruining all of creation through wanton exploitation. God's commandments to us regarding creation (Genesis 1:28-31) require something more.

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