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Low Life Lutheran?

"We deposited it anyway."

A worshiper at Lord of Life Lutheran Church, Bluffton, S.C., got us confused with Lowcountry Presbyterian Church and made their offering check payable to "Low Life Lutheran Church." We deposited it anyway.

Jon D. Heiliger
Bluffton, S.C.

"The economy is worse than we thought."
For the Saints & Bears

After a sermon about various saints, our nephew, Cooper, 5, leaned over to his mom and whispered, "The Saints aren't that good. ... The Bears are really the best!" His dad is a Chicago Bears fan.

Gina Wyttenbach
Sauk Prairie, Wis.


Last October, my daughter, Zoey Golden Neessen, then 5, made up this joke: "Because it's Halloween time, and because we're Lutherans, I think we should tell people we're 'BOOtherans.' "

Karris Golden
Waterloo, Iowa

Grilled what?

While intern pastor at Epiphany Lutheran Church, Conyers, Ga., one of the traditions I helped start was a blessing of the animals service. The second year a picnic was added to the event, making the bulletin announcement rather disconcerting: "Blessing of the Animals! Bar-B-Q to follow."

Wendolyn E. Trozzo
Chatham, N.J.

"Pastor, I'm trying to write my will, and I can't decide how much I'll give to the church. Maybe I have restless legacy syndrome."

My son Jimmy, then 2 years old, was in the nursery (equipped with a loudspeaker from worship) at Our Redeemer Lutheran Church, Scotia, N.Y. When Jimmy heard the assisting minister speak, he looked at the nursery director and asked, "Pastor?" She responded, "No." He quickly replied, "God?"

Renny Tallman
Scotia, N.Y.

I often close my eyes when listening closely to something. As a pastor, I do the same when I'm listening to the lessons or the choir. A member told me that one Sunday when the choir was singing her daughter leaned over and said, "Mommy, look, the prime minister is sleeping!" I told her I was grateful her daughter was paying such close attention and delighted with the promotion.

Kathleen M. Suggitt
Castalia, Ohio

Pilate mix-ups

In preparation for an upcoming trip to Washington, D.C., my husband showed my two boys, ages 8 and 5, some historical sites they would see. When he came to a photo of the Wright Brothers' plane on display at the Smithsonian, he asked the boys if they remembered who took the first flight in 1903. My youngest, Ben, asked, "Was it Pontius Pilate?"

Melissa Devolve
Colorado Springs, Colo.


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