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God's Tender Mercy: Reflections on Forgiveness

Chittister pays tribute to forgiveness

God's Tender Mercy: Reflections on Forgiveness by Joan Chittister, a bestselling Benedictine nun, calls Christians to see Jesus as a radical lover who incarnated mercy and compassion in his response to outsiders, rebels and rejected people.

She reminds us that when minorities are being condemned, harassed and persecuted, churches ought to lead the cause of love and respect for all.

With spiritual maturity comes the ability to walk a mile in another's shoes and to rein in our need to judge others.

God's Tender Mercy Chittister also pays tribute to forgiveness as a path of healing and reconciliation and an alternative to the toxins of revenge.

The author reminds us that the spiritual practice of weeping softens our hearts and opens us to the suffering of others.

We are all flawed creatures struggling to do our best in tough times.

She concludes that we cannot contribute to the healing of the planet without practicing forgiveness again and again (Twenty-Third Publications ).


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