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Grant gets serious

Songs of lament also contain much hope

Amy Grant had a hit song on Christian radio stations last summer called "Better Than a Hallelujah." It was a reminder that praise is not the only form of worship. Sometimes the most appropriate way to worship God is with what the Bible calls lament — songs that cry out to God in pain, anguish and protest.

Amy Grant's Somewhere Down the Road As a 1980s pop star, Grant scored numerous hits with upbeat, happy songs like "Baby, Baby" and "Lucky One." But her life wasn't always easy and her trials were sometimes played out in the media. Now 50, Grant has emerged as a gifted singer and songwriter with astute theological insights.

"Better Than a Hallelujah" comes from her album Somewhere Down the Road (Sparrow Records), a collection of emotionally raw songs of faith that deal with grief and hardship. Several of the songs were written at periods in Grant 's life when, for one reason or another, she opted not to make them public. For example, "Come Into My World" captures the trauma of feeling that one has to put on a brave face when everything is crumbling within.

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