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Medical sites the likes of www.WebMD.com and www.MayoClinic.com abound, helping users make basic self-diagnoses and get information on medicine and procedures. But at www.faithandhealth.net [web address no longer active], a new site from the Institute of Faith and Health, users can do all this and receive a healthy dose of spiritual care.

 "Religion and science are often considered mutually exclusive," said Cynthia Ferrell, the institute's director. "But people who are sick don't see it that way at all. They want help from every corner."

In addition to daily meditations and a prayer-request discussion board, the site provides tips for caregivers, including advice on handling complicated medical bills and maintaining their own health while caring for others. The site also has a focus on teenagers who are ill or grieving. Among other offerings, young patients can print a form to help them discuss their illnesses with their doctor.




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