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Punishing the poor

Mission cuts misdirected

Over the past several months there has been significant discussion in some areas of the church about the withholding of funds that support missions in the ELCA churchwide offices and synods. These seem to focus on the thought that somehow the "righteous" dollars that sit in a congregation's treasury should not be mixed up with the "unrighteous" money contributed by congregations that choose to continue to find value in the mission of the churchwide organization and synods.

There seems to be some misunderstanding going on here. The dollars we contribute to our congregations and that are sent to our synods and churchwide do not go to "missions." They all go to people. Those dollars support people so they can do mission.

When those dollars are withheld, it is people who are the victims of the assault — and those at the bottom of any pay scale will be the ones who are hurt the most.

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