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Bible far more than just words

It is a book of faith for faithful lives in and of Christ

The August issue wonderfully brought forth the matter of the role and practice of the Bible in our life in Christ as well as in our culture ("The Bible as they know it"). Martin Luther stated about Scripture: It is the cradle that holds forth Christ, and we do not worship the cradle but Christ alone. He also warned us against making the Bible our "paper pope." Biblical literalism is not the same as knowing the Bible as a book of faith and for faithful lives in and of Christ, not just in words about Christ.

The Rev. Luverne A. Jacobson
Wilsonville, Ore.

Column on target

Hallelujah! That is the only thing I can say as I read Peter W. Marty's column (July, "Column to focus on faithful living") regarding the faith journey of the "Lutheran Christian" — somebody up there in traditional "Lutheran Land" finally gets it. Praise God and we are running with you, Peter. I look forward to the rest of the journey.

The Rev. David E. Dangerfield
Port St. Lucie, Fla.

Keep it up

A big thanks to Peter W. Marty for "An appreciation for doubt" (August). He masterfully presented the intimate, indispensable relationship between faith and doubt. I also appreciated how he included "the wonder and glory of mystery" in his exploration. Many of us must interact with coreligionists who, in their chronic anxiety, tend toward both religious ignorance and spiritual arrogance. Trying to do ministry with such people can be difficult at best and, at worst, discouraging and demoralizing. Marty's good words were a much needed shot in the arm.

The Rev. Alan J. Watt
New Braunfels Texas

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