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So Close

The Christian practice of kindness encompasses a wide range of small acts and habits that we know as old-fashioned good manners — saying "please" and "thank you," waiting your turn, lending a helping hand or cheering someone up with a smile.

So Close by Natalia ColumboBut sometimes we are too self-absorbed to notice that we aren't being kind.

That is the case with Mr. Rabbit and Mr. Duck, the two main characters in So Close, a picture book written and illustrated by Natalia Colombo for children 4 through 7. They rush past each other every morning on the way to work and every evening returning home.

Whether they are sad or happy, walking or in their cars, the pattern of ignoring each other is the same. But what a difference it would make, this book shows, if they would reach out to each other with a simple word of kindness: hello (Tundra Books).


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