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Everlasting Moments

Swedish director Jan Troell (The Emigrants, The New Land) has made Everlasting Moments, an extraordinary film about a brave and creative working-class housewife who keeps her soul alive through the art of photography, despite her other difficult tasks of earning money as a seamstress and raising seven children.

Everlasting MomentsThe drama, set in the early 1900s in Sweden, charts her resiliency in the face of staggering odds and setbacks. Her talent shines and gives her a keen sense of personal satisfaction and fulfillment.

In Everlasting Moments, Troell draws out an astonishing performance from Maria Heiskanen (left) as Maria, a woman who breaks the barriers of class, gender and time to express herself in ways beyond her wildest imaginings.

From the first mystical moment when Maria stops in her tracks to ponder the miracle of an icicle, we are entranced by this woman's attention to the details of life (not rated, Criterion).


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