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How you and your congregation can engage in prison ministry

Najee, 9, puts a CD(into his PlayStation
Najee, 9, puts a CD into his PlayStation 2, picks up a book and climbs onto his bunk bed. He reads along silently, listening to a voice he doesn't often hear. "Hi Najee, it's your dad," the voice says. "Today I'm going to read you a book called God's Story." Read "Turning the page" to learn more about the Lutheran Social Services of Illinois Storybook Project.

What can you or your congregation do in your synod?

You might:

• Join or visit a local prison worship service.

• Find out if your synod has a prison congregation.

• Form a re-entry team.

• Talk to your synod's mission director and say you want to form a prison congregation.

• Acknowledge your limits and prejudices.

• Remember that the first gift you bring to any ministry is Jesus Christ (not shared experiences). The strongest thing we can offer someone in prison is a witness to the power of Jesus Christ.

• Prison ministry is first and foremost for people who have never been to prison. It is a listening ministry. You will learn to listen to the incarcerated person tell the story of his or her life and ask questions.

Source: Eric Wangen-Hoch



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