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Help parents in prison connect to their children

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Of 614 women in the Decatur [Ill.] Correctional Center, a minimum-security prison, 98 percent are eligible to participate in the Lutheran Social Services of Illinois Storybook Project.

ELCA volunteer and retired schoolteacher
ELCA volunteer and retired schoolteacher Sandra Carlson (right) helps Miko record a book for her daughter, Melissa. Read "Turning the page" to learn more about the Lutheran Social Services of Illinois Storybook Project.
Volunteers can accommodate only 50 inmates a month — instead of the previous 250 because burning CDs is a new process, more time-consuming than recording onto cassette tapes. But the change was necessary since most inmates' children no longer had cassette players.

Want to volunteer, help with postage costs, donate new (not used) children's books for Storybook Projects in Illinois and Mississippi, or find out how to start a Storybook program in your state?


• Gail Beard in Illinois (217-528-2384 or by email) or Catherine Sullivan in Mississippi (601-352-7125, ext. 123 or by email).

• Your state's correctional system or a Lutheran Services in America
agency to learn about opportunities to volunteer in a prison or help with prisoner needs.


Gail Beard

Gail Beard

Posted at 11:04 pm (U.S. Eastern) 9/10/2010

Thank you all again for such a wonderful magazine article! We are so excited to be the cover story! Smile For more information about Storybook Project, please check out our blog at www.lssistorybookproject.wordpress.com

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