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LWF Assembly facts

Plus: Outgoing LWF president receives foot-washing tub from president of Mennonite World Conference

Lutheran World Federation assemblies are held every seven years. The last one was in Winnipeg, Canada, in 2003.

Danisa Ndlovu (right) of Zimbabwe,
Danisa Ndlovu (right) of Zimbabwe, president of the Mennonite World Conference, presents Mark S. Hanson, outgoing president of the Lutheran World Federation and ELCA presiding bishop, with a pine foot-washing tub as a sign of commitment to a future "when the distinguishing mark of Lutheran and Anabaptist-Mennonite relationships is boundless love and unfailing service."
• The theme of the 11th Assembly was "Give Us Today our Daily Bread."

• There were 418 delegates in Stuttgart, Germany, 50 percent of them women, 20 percent youth under age 30.

• About 500 visitors, official guests, staff and members of the news media also attended.

• The assembly is the highest decision-making body of the LWF.

• Between assemblies a 48-member Executive Council directs the LWF.

• The Executive Council elected in Stuttgart includes 26 females and 22 males. Ten are under age 30, and 28 are ordained. The LWF president is also a council member.

• News, speeches, reports, sermons and videos are available at the LWF Assembly website.


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