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YMCA rebranded 'the Y'

Although legally and graphically the name is still the YMCA (Young Men's Christian Association), the organization's new brand is "The Y." Mamie Moore, national spokeswoman, explained: "That's what everybody calls us."

The Y's new logo will change to include the full acronym, however.

The brand change comes amid a push by some local affiliates to highlight the "C" in YMCA, with Christian programming, chaplains and even boxes for members to leave prayer requests.




Posted at 2:07 pm (U.S. Eastern) 8/31/2010

I'm neutral on the "rebrand" of the "Y".  After all, that's what most of us have called it for decades.  However, I heard a funny comment at the end of a TV news item on the name change.  "The Village People say they have no intentions of renaming their famous song."

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