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Synod reports

At its April assembly, the Western Iowa Synod urged the Churchwide Assembly to adopt bylaw changes that allow "ordination by pastors instead of bishops, in unusual circumstances" (in response to Called to Common Mission, the full communion agreement with the Episcopal Church).

The synod defeated a resolution to "allow every otherwise-qualified candidate for the Office of the Bishop or Presiding Bishop ... to serve in those offices without standing in an historic episcopate."

The Western Iowa and Northeastern Minnesota synods asked for clarification on the status of the ELCA Conference of Bishops' Tucson Resolution, which says "CCM contains no requirement that the ELCA must eventually adopt the threefold order of ministry." Both synods also asked the Churchwide Assembly to ensure that the Tucson Resolution is part of CCM. (CCM's text states that the Tucson Resolution is a "correct interpretation.")

The Western North Dakota Synod voted 148-122 to ask the Churchwide Assembly to make constitutional and bylaw changes to omit "all occurrences of the phrase 'in exceptional circumstances' for ordination exceptions to CCM."

The St. Paul Area Synod asked for amendments to the ELCA constitution and bylaws to provide exceptions to the practice of the historic episcopate, as well as to ELCA documents that preclude ordination of gays and lesbians in committed relationships.


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