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Plumber analysis may miss mark

Luther stressed Christian values in all jobs, endeavors

I wonder about Peter W. Marty's "Christian plumber" analysis (July, "A Lutheran Christian life for today: Column to focus on faithful living"). I've never heard a clergyperson object to being called a "Christian minister" and his or her place of worship being called a "Christian church." Indeed, by doing so he or she specifies that the activities of the minister and those within the church will be of a particular nature. Martin Luther thought it should be the same with Christian laity. For example, I would expect that the work and billing activities of the plumber would be what he would expect of a fellow plumber, á la the Golden Rule, and not the selfish ethic of an objectivist.

Gary Moore
Sarasota, Fla.

July issue hits home

I admit that The Lutheran often goes unread at my house, so for whatever led me to open and read the July issue I'm extremely grateful. I look forward to Peter W. Marty's series on what it means to be a Lutheran Christian ("A Lutheran Christian life for today: Column to focus on faithful living"). I was moved by Joy M. Gonnerman's "My view" ("Blessed are the poor"). Other articles contain much to educate and inform, and I appreciate the words of our presiding bishop, Mark S. Hanson ("Give public service its due"). Thank you for the continued work you do.

Linda Carlson
Arvada, Colo.

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