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Toy Story 3

Family film has an appealing emotional undertow

Toy Story 3 is a fine family film with endearing and funny characters, and an appealing emotional undertow.

What's the future for Andy's toys after
What's the future for Andy's toys after he goes away to college? That question is addressed in Toy Story 3.

Andy is leaving for college. Woody, his favorite childhood cowboy toy, assures the others in Andy's collection that they can all have a pleasant life in the attic. But by some unfortunate accidents they all wind up at Sunnyside Daycare Center.

At first, the toys are convinced they have stumbled into a paradise where kids will play with them lovingly all day. Despite Woody's pleas for everyone to return to their home and maintain loyalty to Andy, his friends refuse. The next day the toys discover that Sunnyside is more like a prison than anything else.

Lee Unkrich directs this lively and affecting 3D release from Pixar Animation Studios. The prison break motif that dominates the last fourth of the drama gives us a chance to empathize with the toys as they act courageously and bring out the best in each other. We cheer for these inanimate objects as they join together to attain a more fetching future (Walt Disney Studios, G).


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