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Blessed are the poor

Really? Yes, they are

On March 7, my congregation, against my counsel and advice, left the ELCA . But this is not a story about that. This is a story about the real kingdom of God — a community of love.

Having severed its ties with the ELCA, my tiny congregation felt no obligation to me and gave me zero severance. Having served this congregation on a half-time, first-call salary meant that savings was nonexistent. So, my son and I looked to the future with faith, yes, but the practicalities of paying the rent, gas and groceries also made me fearful. Now we are no strangers to living precariously financially, but this one was big.

I applied for various jobs in the area, interviewed for a call, got a job with the census, interviewed for a call, visited the food shelf, interviewed for a call ....

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