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Camp stories are tales worth telling

Great resource to the church that calls out for continued support

Thank you for the long overdue feature on Lutheran camps (June, "'Camp changed my life: Gather around the campfire for some good old memories'"). I regret that you didn't print a listing of all the camps. One fact that didn't make the "Did you know?" trivia feature was that Fortune Lake Lutheran Camp, Crystal Falls, Mich., is not only blessed by its namesake lake but is located in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, which is surrounded by Great Lakes. And a while back I read a feature indicating that many people believe the first spark leading them to God and ministry came during their first experience at a Bible camp. These camps are a great resource that I hope the ELCA and our congregations will continue to support.

Dave Forsberg
Lansing, Mich.

(Ed. note: As indicated on page 24, for a list of camps see www.elca.org/camps.)

Follow the logic

Does anything other than sexual relationship disqualify a person from ordained ministry? What about adultery? Jesus did say, "Everyone who divorces his wife and marries another commits adultery." What if a pastor is overweight? Maybe he or she is guilty of sloth or gluttony, two of the seven deadly sins. If we follow this rationale long enough, will we conclude that no one qualifies? Who gets to decide which sins are acceptable and which are not?

The Rev. Gary D. Anderson
Florence, S.D.

Keep it coming

In response to the editor's column on declining sales (May, page 4), we have been using The Lutheran the last several months for our Monday Bible Study Renewal Group at Calvary Lutheran Church. We not only use the articles with the study guide, but share many of the other articles. It has helped us to delve deeper into our Bibles, as well as hear and feel how others are dealing with difficult issues, not limited to sexuality. We have also been able to become more informed about what the ELCA is doing and experiencing during the recession. By the same token, we've been able to marvel at all the good that is being done in the name of the church.

Linda Norenberg
Park Rapids, Minn.

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