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After You Believe: Why Christian Character Matters

In After You Believe: Why Christian Character Matters, author N.T. Wright states that the Bible teaches a richer and fuller path for our behavior than abiding by a few rules of dos and don'ts or following our hearts.

After You Believe: Why  Christian Character Wright would have us aspire to "a transformation of character" as modeled by Jesus Christ.

He also explores virtue, a quality that was once very important but isn't talked about much today.

Wright makes sure he doesn't fall into the trap of works righteousness whereby people do good things so they can win entry into heaven.

Instead, Wright sees "good works" as "doing things which bring God's wisdom and glory to birth in the world."

Here is a clear call for Christians to see that their actions in everyday life are evidence of their faith.

Wright wants believers to work on their "moral muscles" and envision the formation of character as similar to learning a second language (HarperOne).


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