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Popcorn buys books in Panama

It just takes a kernel of an idea to make a connection. For the second-grade Sunday school class at Zion Lutheran Church, Woodland, Mich., that kernel led to "Books for Panama."

The second-grade Sunday school class
Fernanda (no last name given) shows her appreciation for this gift and the opportunity to learn, escape and have fun.
It began with friends of the congregation, Mike and Amanda Smith, who serve in Panama with the Peace Corps. They wanted to use their home as an education center for the children in Punta Peña. They needed books, maps and educational toys. The Smiths said the children were starving for creativity and learning experiences.

Back in Michigan, the youth popped their kernel of an idea into popcorn. They announced in church that they would sell bags of popcorn for $1 the next Sunday. Their kernel grew into $100 for the Smiths.

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