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Joseph's Square

Men's group takes 'God's work. Our hands.' to the woodshop

On Saturday mornings, there is more than the usual amount of sawdust in Ron Weikum's workshop. On these mornings, eight men gather to saw, hammer, glue, measure and cut. The end results are impressive, but nothing is for sale — everything is given away.

Members of Joseph's Square, Zion Lutheran
Members of Joseph's Square, Zion Lutheran Church, Woodville, Wis., spend another Saturday morning doing what they do best. From left to right are John Terkelsen, Nathan Mandehr, Keith Anderson and Colton Sander. Other members are George Helgeson, Hugh Lockerby, John Wallesverd and Ron Weikum.
Who's doing all this? The men from Zion Lutheran Church in Woodville, Wis.

"It started out as kind of a joke," said Keith W. Anderson, pastor of Zion. "As a men's group, we wanted to make some Christmas gifts. The women in the church belonged to groups called 'circles.' We wondered, 'Why can't the men have a group called 'square'? "

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