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Miles for Malawi

About 150 runners and bikers participated in "Miles for Malawi," a May event sponsored by the Northwest Synod of Wisconsin to purchase mosquito bed nets.

The relay had seven routes, each with 11 seven-mile legs.

Participants ran or biked at least one leg.

A $15 registration fee covered the cost of a T-shirt and one bed net.

In all, the synod raised about $5,000 to help fight malaria in Malawi.


Greg Kaufmann

Greg Kaufmann

Posted at 9:10 pm (U.S. Eastern) 7/20/2010

I was gifted to be the photographer for this event. It was amazing to watch families, congregational groups, bikers and runners cross the finish line which was formed by bed nets strung out to make a finish shute. What an incredible way to both build connections across generations and to make a difference in the world.

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