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Tennessee floods: Lutherans collaborate on cleanup

"Lots of people talk about how this wasn't a 100-year flood," said Kathy Thoreson, president and CEO of Lutheran Services in Tennessee Inc. "This was a 500-year flood."

On May 1-2, 10 to 15 inches of rain fell across Tennessee, causing flooding in western and central parts of the state and at least 20 deaths. The Nashville area was among the hardest hit.

Lutheran Disaster Response
committed $60,000 for the response, said Kevin A. Massey, director for LDR and ELCA Domestic Disaster Response. Efforts are under way to recruit and coordinate volunteers for cleanup and rebuilding.

Funds for the response in Tennessee are being distributed to Lutheran Episcopal Services Mississippi and coordinated through LST, Thoreson said. The collaboration allows LST to draw on LESM's experience in disaster response. LDR's efforts will work in concert with a network of agencies in Nashville and across Tennessee.

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