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Bearing the body

Polar bears at a funeral?

Since both my parents came from large families it wasn't unusual to receive phone calls announcing a death. I'd hear my mother respond, "Oh, no! When did he pass? And the funeral? Who are the pallbearers?" When I was old enough to attend a funeral, I spent the entire service looking around, finally standing on the pew for a better view. I started to cry when it ended. When my mother asked why, I said, "But I didn't get to see the polar bears!"

Lynne Rigg
Red Wing, Minn.

"A few parishioners would like 'Seat Saved' printed on the back of the church bulletin."
My prayers, not yours

When my granddaughter Payton, 5, came to the end of her bedtime prayers, I encouraged her to add "and everyone I love." She just glared at me and started over again. When she got to the end she said, "I'm not changing my prayers — they are mine." Fair enough.

Yvonne Ellison
Milwaukie, Ore.

Old as dirt

Youth at Zion Lutheran Church , Woodland, Mich., made cards our pastor could bring to homebound members. I realized later that I should have reviewed them when I learned that the cover of one read: "In the beginning God created the Heavens and the Earth ..." and on the inside it said: "Thanks for being there."

Alan Brodbeck
Woodland, Mich.

It pays to sit up front

"Sir, I'm an usher. You don't have to tip me."
After the ushers had taken the offering, they consolidated it into one plate, keeping the empty plate under the full one. When the head usher came forward to present the offering to the assisting minister, his tie was caught between the plates, causing an almost Laurel and Hardy moment as he was pulled forward when the plates were taken from him. Those of us seated up front had a good seat from which to watch the action.

Betty House
Fairfield Glade, Tenn.


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