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Now what? Connecting to church in the summer

Teen daughter spends summer months with her father, who doesn't attend church

Q: My teen daughter spends the summer months with her father, who lives out of state and doesn't attend church. How can I help her continue to grow in her faith while she's away from her hometown congregation?

A: Staying connected to church during the summer can be a challenge for many children (and adults). Vacations, camps and travel often combine to disrupt a family's rhythm of worship.

Although a church community is an invaluable source of support, your daughter's faith formation doesn't automatically stop just because she's away from her congregation.

It's important to remember that God's connection to your daughter is ever present — no matter where she is in life.

While she's away, choose Bible stories to explore together long-distance. Set a time each week to connect about the stories, whether it's by phone, e-mail or video via a computer. Your church's youth director or pastor might also have creative ideas to share.

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