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'So stinking happy'

That's a feeling shared by ELCA campers and Nicaraguan Lutherans

Take one determined community, add a dash of pastoral leadership and season with an ELCA camp whose stewardship favors the road less traveled. The result: a new start for 10 families in Nicaragua.

When Hurricane Mitch roared through Central America in 1998, it swept away homes, crops and livestock and killed more than 3,000. The millions of aid dollars that came in its wake enabled churches and communities across Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador and Nicaragua to begin rebuilding. But some communities say they were overlooked or ignored by government relief efforts.

Pastors and church workers of the Nicaraguan Lutheran Church of Faith and Hope served a dozen such communities, including the Emmanuel worshiping community. Eight years after the hurricane, these 26 families still lived in makeshift shelters of corrugated metal and black plastic sheeting near Somotillo, Nicaragua. A local official left the country after embezzling aid funds entrusted to the municipality for land and building materials.

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