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Tales of faith, love and vocation

Editor's note: The Lutheran received so many responses about the influence of Bible/church camp, that not all fit into the print issue. We're happy to treat you to more here:

From the very start, [Pine Lake Lutheran Camp in Wisconsin] was for me a little glimpse of heaven ... a place where everyone was treated with respect and enjoyed without regard to differences. It was a place where revered college-age counselors prayed without shame, and pastors were as apt to swim and play as challenge us to "represent Christ" in present and future vocations. It was a place to learn to write your parents, get along with strangers, develop dear friendships, meet a first love, collect addresses, cry upon leaving, then wait for an entire year for a chance to go again. I found and developed talents that would serve me not only as a church member and pastor's wife, but as a parent and a teacher.

Jean Ludvigsen Binder
Trinity Lutheran Church, Hays, Kan.

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