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Hymn for [Church Camp]

Created for Fortune Lake, this song can be adapted for your church camp

Editor's note: Rundman wrote this for Fortune Lake Lutheran Camp in Michigan's Upper Peninsula for its 80th anniversary this year. The song can be heard (and sheet music downloaded) at the Fortune Lake Lutheran Camp website.

Hymn for [Church Camp]

courtesy of crossways camping  ministries High upon the hillside,
around the firelight,
the cross and sky above us,
we gather in the night.
Creation joins the hymn of praise
with voice and strings and drum,
for Christ the light of all the world
no darkness overcomes,
no darkness overcomes.

Down along the lakeshore,
the waters cool and blue,
we think of the disciples
who shared a lakeside view,
where Jesus calmed the mighty wave,
where great good news was heard;
yes, even still he meets us there
in water and the word,
in water and the word.

Through the field and forest,
the pathways on the land,
there we recall the stories
that help us understand
how God is like a gardener
and faith is like a seed,
and how the lillies of the field
have everything they need,
oh, everything they need.

Thank you, Lord, for [church camp],
where faith and friendships grow,
for music, joy and beauty,
for love we've come to know.
We gather in community,
no matter where we're from.
Oh, let this be a place of grace
for years and years to come,
for years and years to come.


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