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A time to laugh

Susan Ericsson (left) and Jonathan Suloff, pastors of St. Luke Evangelical Lutheran Church, Devon, Pa., portrayed Jake and Elwood Blues of The Blues Brothers during a "Holy Humor" service in April.

Susan Ericsson, Jonathan Suloff and Jeff BinnerChurch member Jeff Binner portrayed Jesus, who encourages Jake and Elwood to revive their band after Jesus' resurrection.

For centuries, Bright Sunday or Holy Humor Sunday, has been observed the Sunday after Easter as a "day of joy and laughter," with parties and picnics to celebrate the resurrection.


Sherri Moir

Sherri Moir

Posted at 11:04 pm (U.S. Eastern) 5/25/2010

I am a member of St. Luke, and witnessed this amazing "sermon" filled with humor and a thoughtful message.  The pastors were on a "mission from Gahd", and the band gave new meaning to "Soul Man".  I am so blessed to be in this church family, and our pastors are like no others!  Nice to see it noted.

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