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Looking at the future of the church

There's never been a better time to voice your hopes, concerns, fears and joys for the ELCA than right now. Simply fill out a form to log your input into a study that could shape the church in the years ahead. "Living Into the Future Together: Renewing the Ecology of the ELCA" or LIFT may not be the most enticing of titles. Regardless, dig into this and you'll find a great opportunity to express your thoughts for the church and its direction.

In November 2009, the ELCA Church Council created a task force to conduct this study. It singled out seven areas for the group to zero in on, including identity, opportunities for the future, the changing context of our church, interrelationships of church expressions, partnerships, financial resources, and structure and governance. While some of that sounds dry, all is driven by two compelling questions: What is God calling this church to be and to do in the future? What changes are in order to help us respond most faithfully?

Reporting to the Church Council in April, the task force outlined its plan for gathering feedback to questions about the church, processing it and presenting recommendations for action to the council next April and to the August 2011 Churchwide Assembly.

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