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Opening Scripture together

Book of Faith initiative is changing ELCA

With this column, we end the 18-month series exploring Book of Faith insights from ELCA theologians and pastors. But we are far from the end of our commitment to opening Scripture together and inviting the Spirit, as on that first day of Pentecost, to fill us and work through us. Pentecost is a season of hearing, understanding and speaking.

As a church our native tongue is the language of the Bible. When we commit ourselves to listening to, struggling with, exploring, learning, and receiving the words, stories, songs, letters, laws and promises of the Bible, we become open to hearing God's word speaking to us and through us ever anew.

Since the Book of Faith initiative was adopted by the 2007 Churchwide Assembly, such renewed commitment has taken root. As director of the initiative, I see the growth. More families are reading the Bible at home, learning how to read devotionally in ways that engage all ages. I love the story of one boy in the Southwest who, having become deeply engaged with the Esther story, now says to folks who aren't acting well, "You Haman!"

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