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Focusing on divisions in the ELCA is counterproductive

I would much prefer that The Lutheran "move on to highlighting how the decisions (of the 2009 Churchwide Assembly) are being implemented and their impact in bringing a new or different life into the church" (April, "Cover story full of risks"). Since the policy changes are part of current reality within the ELCA, it is counterproductive "to focus on the divisions ... over the assembly votes." There are success stories to be told all over the church. Plus, you made a wise decision to have secular reporter Sandra D. Guy write the first installment on assessing the fallout (April, "Sexuality issue causes division, sadness — and hope"). Her article is balanced and insightful.

John Hayner
Largo, Fla.

Coverage wanting

When I got to the article on responses to the sexuality matters ("Sexuality issue causes division, sadness — and hope"), I felt let down for I had hoped for something more. What I got was one quote after another by church officials for a guide to what import, if any, any of it had. That is not objective at all. If it was anything but random quoting, there was little to lead one to suppose so.

Roger Horn
Clarion, Pa.

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