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A Friend Like You

Book shows children that God loves diversity

A Friend Like You is a wonderful picture book for children ages 4 through 8. The author, Tanja Askani, has adopted animals who were orphaned or injured, nursed them back to health, and then found homes for them or set them free.

A  friend like youThe book consists of delightful photographs of animal companions with quotations about the beauty and enchantment of friendship. Among the very different animals that are seen side by side are a piglet and dog, a deer and rabbit, a wolf pup and raccoon, a turtle and dormouse, a lamb and dog, and a rat and cat.

Some of these animals, like the last two listed, have been seen as enemies. While reading this book to a child, you can point out how God loves diversity and has created a world where even very different beings can be friends (Scholastic Books).


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